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Starting this month, we're introducing ladies classes on Wednesday nights!

Starting in July, we will be adding a new Ladies Class on Wednesday nights!

▼ Wednesday 19:45-20:45

In our ladies' classes, we have a variety of exercises that are great for women, such as leg slimming exercises, toning exercises, and dieting.

Increase your metabolism during the summer! It's your chance to lose weight!

Female members are encouraged to join our evening ladies classes!


[Information for each class]

■Fitness classes

Mon/Wed/Fri 19:45-20:45

■ Ladies Class

Wednesday 7:45pm - 8:45pm

Saturday 12:30-13:30

■Kids Class

Tuesday 6pm - 7pm

Saturday 11am-12pm

■Sparring class

Tuesday 7pm - 8:30pm

■ Player Class

Mon/Wed 17:30-19:30

Friday 18:00-20:30

■Personal training

Reservations are required.

We are also accepting free trial classes!

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