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Booking: Bookings

You can also make a reservation through Hot Pepper here.

About the free trial

At HAWKGYM, you can experience training before joining.
Even those who have no experience with kickboxing are welcome to join!

This will link you to the Hot Pepper reservation page.

Reservations are also accepted through Hot Pepper.

Booking: 画像
Free Fitness Class Trial

[Free trial process 3 steps]

① After checking in, change clothes in the changing room. ② Participate in a kickboxing lesson.
③Explanation about joining


[First-time only] Free personal training trial ¥0

I recommend this hotel
・I want to lose weight ・I want to do it at my own pace
・You can't keep it up at a regular gym

Get an extraordinary total-body workout with Kick Thing and burn off some serious calories!

With personal training, you can easily do kickboxing exercises at your own pace and level. Recommended for those who are not confident in their physical strength or who want to build their body efficiently.

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