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HAWKGYM [Kickboxing/Personal Gym]


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\The best kickboxing gym in Kanazawa for beginners to improve their skills/

I often hear people say that they join a gym but can't keep it up.

The most important thing at HAWKGYM is to be a fitness gym where you can continue to exercise comfortably and enjoyably. At HAWKGYM, you can receive direct instruction from experienced trainers and active professional athletes. By enjoying exercising while feeling your improvement, you can make exercising a habit!

Kickboxing is a great exercise for losing weight that uses the whole body.

You can build well-balanced, flexible muscles and strengthen your core.

At HAWKGYM, we offer a wide range of services to suit your goals, including not only full-scale training, but also dieting and relieving lack of exercise.

The price is the lowest in Kanazawa! You can start kickboxing at a reasonable price.

Come join us at HAWK GYM and work up a refreshing sweat!

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Beginners and those with no experience are also welcome!

  1. This is a kickboxing gym that opened in Asagiridai, Kanazawa City on September 1, 2017.

  2. The cheapest price in Kanazawa city!

  3. At HAWKGYM, even those with no exercise experience can enjoy learning kickboxing from scratch with peace of mind.

  4. Women and middle-aged people are welcome too!

  5. We have both professional and amateur players on our roster!

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Introducing a comfortable facility where you can work up a refreshing sweat in a clean, spacious space

Personal Training

Private Gym Advance

We also offer private lesson services by reservation only.

You can do kickboxing and strength training efficiently one-on-one with a dedicated trainer! (Pair training is also possible) One-off reservations are also possible, so even busy people can easily do full-scale training.

[Recommended for these people]

① Those who want to feel the effects in the short term

2. People who want to focus without worrying about what others think

3. Those who want to attend at their own pace

4. People who are busy and don't have time

5. People who are concerned about chronic illnesses or injuries

⑥One-off reservations are also possible, making it easy to attend

7. I want to learn the correct form from a knowledgeable trainer

Price: 1 lesson ¥5,500 (tax included)

* Registration fee is ¥11,000 (tax included)

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■Address: 〒920-1158
2-159 Asagiridai, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture
*Parking available (approximately 15 cars can be accommodated)

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