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Get the body of your dreams with our personal trainer!

Personal Traininng: テキスト

Personal training

Personal Traininng: 画像
Personal Traininng: 画像

Accurate training tailored to your needs

We also offer "Advance," a personal training service that requires a reservation .

At Advance, you can receive efficient one-on-one training with a dedicated trainer who is knowledgeable and experienced .

One-off reservations are also possible, so even busy people can feel free to enjoy serious training with the right knowledge!

We look forward to your reservations.

Recommended for:

Those who want to feel the effects in the short term

・Those who want to train at their own pace without worrying about the eyes of others

・Those who are concerned about chronic illness or injury

Those who want to receive accurate training based on accurate knowledge  

Price: 5,500 yen per lesson (tax included)

* Registration fee is 11,000 yen (tax included)

A new sensation! A personal gym where you can enjoy kickboxing

Kickboxing allows you to incorporate an extraordinary full-body workout into your daily routine and train your body efficiently! Even if you are not good at regular muscle training, you can enjoy exercising by incorporating kickboxing.

*You can book a free trial or personal training session from this page.

Personal Traininng: 画像
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