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Staff Introduction

Introducing the staff working at HAWKGYM!


Tatsuya Sawaya

Personal training, professional and amateur player classes

I have 15 years of kickboxing experience and am a former professional kickboxer.

At HAWKGYM, I teach athlete classes, fitness classes, and also work as a personal trainer. I would like to convey to all members the importance and fun of exercise through kickboxing.

Get into the exercise habit with kickboxing!


Fitness class instructor

He is a professional kickboxer and trainer with 12 years of experience.

I am the 8th DEEPKICK Super Featherweight Champion, CAGE KICK CHAMPIONSHIP Champion, and two-time champion. I will teach you the best techniques in Japan accurately and carefully. At HAWKGYM, you can enjoy "painless kickboxing." I aim to teach in an easy-to-understand manner even for those with no experience. I also love talking about martial arts, so let's talk a lot about that too!


Fitness class instructor

I have been doing kickboxing for 7 years.

He is currently an active fighter and trainer, mainly competing in RISE.

I teach fitness classes at HAWKGYM. I would like to share my experiences with dieting and training with all members.

We will teach you the basic movements in an easy-to-understand way. Burn some calories with kickboxing!

Chairman of HAWKGYM

Kazuya Sawaya

HAWKGYM Representative, Fitness Class Instructor

I am the president of HAWKGYM!

We provide thorough and easy-to-understand instruction to everyone from inexperienced and beginner players to amateur players.

We will create a kickboxing exercise that everyone can enjoy.

Instructor: スタッフ紹介
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