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Frequently Asked Questions Q&A

Q: Is it okay if I have no experience?

A: Those with no experience are also welcome!
There are various classes available at HAWKGYM. You can participate in classes that suit your goals, such as getting rid of a lack of exercise or losing weight.

Q: I'm interested, but I'm not confident in my physical strength. Can I participate?

A Yes! Even if you are not confident in your physical strength, you can feel free to participate.
90% of HAWKGYM members are inexperienced. It is a gym that is friendly to those who have never exercised before and beginners.

Q: Can I try this out?

A Free trial is also available!
If you would like to try this out, please make a reservation through our reservation page.


Q: What does personal training involve?

A Personal training allows you to work with a dedicated trainer to provide more efficient training tailored to your goals. We can help you with dieting and improving your basic physical strength. We are recommended for those who are concerned about how others see them. We also teach the basics and techniques of kickboxing.

QIs there a parking lot?

A Yes. There is a private parking lot in front of the gym building.
The parking lot can accommodate approximately 14 cars.

QIs it okay for women to use?

A: We also have classes for women only, so you can participate with peace of mind.

Q: Is it possible to become a player?

Those who want to become stronger and aim to become A players are also welcome!
At HAWKGYM, we also offer classes for athletes who want to become stronger. You can also receive instruction from a dedicated trainer or a professional athlete and aim to participate in a competition.
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